And the mother in law strikes again……

This stupid bitch seriously just asked my wife and I if our FIVE YEAR OLD daughter could stay up until MIDNIGHT tomorrow night……..are you fucking kidding me!? Her bed time is 8:30 EVERY NIGHT.

Lord, beer me strength ( The Office shout out, yo!)


Fuckin in-laws

So my pill head mother in law is one of the biggest assholes I have ever met and I am 38 and worked with the public most of my life! She has been a pain pill popper for 30+ years and decides to act like a toddler most days. I have 2 small children already so dealing with this stupid bitch on a daily basis is infuriating. My father in law has hidden himself at work for the better part of the 30+ years so he doesn’t believe us when we try and tell him the bullshit she pulls. Also infuriating!! If any one else out there feels my pain and has sure fire ways to deal with this bullshit, I’m more than happy to hear them.

A few thoughts about American war veterans…..

The wife and I watched the movie ‘Brothers’ recently, and if you haven’t seen it, stop reading now.
That movie is about how being exposed to the atrocities of war can affect some soldiers. My main problem with the movie and news media is we NEVER hear about the soldiers that get the help they need when they get out/go home, because they RARELY get that help. I honestly think that the movie would’ve done a TON of good if they could have shown the soldier putting his psyche back together and having a generally normal life after being a prisoner of war. Now, I’m not naive, I understand that not every soldier would have the exact same problem free recovery, but at least if they would’ve shown it at least being possible, maybe it would have convinced someone to seek help because there IS HOPE!!!
Sometimes I get a little irritated when it comes go veterans lol

BCD (Bald Crabby Daddy)

Fucking kids shows

I have a 2 and a half year old boy named Isaac Myles (the Myles is after Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge and Slash’s band) and he is all aboot TV of course. Paw Patrol is the recent favorite and really I’m ok with that show. But horse shit shows like Fresh Beat Band really piss me off. I’m a MASSIVE music fan and of talented singers (the aforementioned Mr Kennedy and Jay Buchanon from Rival Sons being the favorites for awhile now) and shows like FBB use computers on the vocals CONSTANTLY. Why can’t you just find fucking SINGERS that will be willing to do that moronic show?? There are talented singers with the much needed ‘look’ out there! Take a little time to find them and introduce the kids to REAL talent!! I understand today’s need for looks over talent, ok I get it! But Christ Almighty why not get these kids started on real talent? I play all sorts of stuff for my 5 year old daughter Lily and Isaac, and Lil recently told me TV singers are terrible! I could only agree with her and we then listened to the new album from Ra, Critical Mass, at her request. If you’ve never heard of them and are a fan of melodic hard rock, do yourself a favor and go pick it up! Sahaj Ticotin is an unheralded icon of a singer/songwriter, he just needs folks to hear him!

I get frustrated a lot with today’s music because people don’t know about the great bands put there that SHOULD be great successes. Ra, Rival Sons, Alter Bridge, John Corabi’s, Tom Keifer ( Cinderella lead singer) have all released albums this year. Go find them and support them!