A few thoughts about American war veterans…..

The wife and I watched the movie ‘Brothers’ recently, and if you haven’t seen it, stop reading now.
That movie is about how being exposed to the atrocities of war can affect some soldiers. My main problem with the movie and news media is we NEVER hear about the soldiers that get the help they need when they get out/go home, because they RARELY get that help. I honestly think that the movie would’ve done a TON of good if they could have shown the soldier putting his psyche back together and having a generally normal life after being a prisoner of war. Now, I’m not naive, I understand that not every soldier would have the exact same problem free recovery, but at least if they would’ve shown it at least being possible, maybe it would have convinced someone to seek help because there IS HOPE!!!
Sometimes I get a little irritated when it comes go veterans lol

BCD (Bald Crabby Daddy)


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