A few words concerning The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

I was sitting around yesterday sick with a horrible cold, so I decided to listen to the band Megadeth. I’ve been a huge fan of theirs for a long time and correctly figured it would cheer me up. For a while. Then I got pissed. Stay with me here.
Metallica was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame (RNRHOF) in 2009, and deservedly so. However, Dave Mustaine, a FOUNDING member of Metallica, was not inducted with them. Robert Trujillo, and nothing against him because he is an incredible bassist, has only appeared on one album, Death Magnetic. Trujillo was inducted with Metallica. He now has a hall vote. Dave Mustaine is also the founding member of Megadeth, along with bassist David Ellefson. Mustaine has helped start or started himself TWO of the biggest and best thrash metal bands in history! He got straight up screwed out of being inducted with Metallica.
Megadeth is a pioneering metal band. They STILL put out albums at a nearly every two year pace. Megadeth’s first album, Killing Is My Business…. And Business Is Good! came out in 1985 making Megadeth eligible since 2010. They’ve sold over 26 million albums. How is fucking LL Cool J in the ROCK hall, and Megadeth can’t even get on the damn ballot!?

Megadeth, Deep Purple, and Whitesnake ALL belong in the RNRHOF.


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